Before i die

If I’d guess I think that everyone has a list of things you want to do before you die. I have never thought about it myself, but when I first decided to do it, I could come up with a hundred of things I wanna do and experience before I die. The world has so much to offer! So now I decided to share a bucket list with you guys!

My bucket list:

  • Surfing – I really want to surf in a beach in Portugal. I`ve heard so much cool about the surfing opportunities there. It looks amazing and they even have a surfing school!
  • Ride a zip line
  • Parasailing
  • Go to Los Angeles – It`s so much to do in Los Angeles and I really want to go there and see everything before I die.
  • Get a tattoo – something meaningful
  • Get married
  • Have 3 kids
  • Visit a BIG waterpark
  • Get a big and a happy family
  • Take the drivers licence – on car and on motorcycle
  • Late summernights with my friends
  • Travel the world with Matilde to find the best chocolate cake
  • Be happy about my choose of carrer
  • Hiking more in the mountains in Norway
  • Swim with sea turtles
  • Ride big rollercosters

Hope you got some inspiration<3

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