«Life is strange»


Task 1:

I decided to tell the principal what I experienced because I thought it was the right thing to do. The principal didn`t believe me at first, because Nathan is from the richest family in the city. I think just because you are from a nice family it doesn`t show who you are. The principal wanted to talk to Nathan afterwards, so I hope he does something with it. The consequences of my choice are that Nathan can find out I told on him and get angry. The worst case is that he can get so angry that he tries to kill me. Or an another consequence is that Nathan says to the principal that im lying and the principal believes him, and I can get a huge punishment for it.

Task 2:

Max is a student at Blackwell academy. She gets introduced as quiet and shy but also a strong and smart girl. Max discovers that she has a gift, she can reverse time!

The episode starts with Max dreaming in photography class about herself in a storm. While walking in the storm she sees a lighthouse. The storm takes the upper part of the lighthouse and when it`s about to fall on her, she wakes up. Her teacher, Mr. Jefferson ask her a question which she fails on. After class she must talk with the teacher about her photography task, then she heads up to the bathroom to worry about all the pressure she has on her. While in the bathroom, a blue butterfly flies into the room. Max decided to go to the corner where the butterfly was to take a picture of it. Suddenly, some guy named Nathan and a girl named Chloe gets into a fight in the girl’s bathroom. The fight was about drugs or something. Nathan got angry and pointed a gun at Chloe, then he shot her. Max yells NO and came out from the corner she was in. Then it happened. She reversed time! Suddenly she was back in the classroom. Now she knew that she had to save Chloe from getting killed. Max knew all the answers from her teacher`s questions now, so she just had to go though it one more time. Then she hurried to the bathroom again. She had to find a solution so she could stop Nathan. Max sees a hammer and grabs it. She breaks the glass on the fire alarm right before Nathan gets the opportunity to shoot. Nathan runs out from the bathroom. She saved Chloe! Max has the choice to tell the principal what happened or hide the truth. She decided to tell the principal. What happens next?

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